Replenwell® Clinical Grade Collagen Peptides

Patented, Performance Optimized, and Clinically Tested Collagen Peptide Ingredients from Wellnex

Award Winning Collagen for Targeted Health Benefits

Over a decade in the making, Wellnex introduces Replenwell collagen peptides; the most highly-functional collagen ingredients commercially available, created using patented processes and designed with clinical benefits in mind.

Within its first year on the market, Replenwell was honored as NutraIngredients-USA’s 2021 Ingredient of the Year for beauty-from-within, and NutraIngredients-ASIA’s 2021 finalist for Ingredient of the Year.

Performance optimized, clinically supported, and available from fish, bovine, or porcine sources – contact us today to learn how Replenwell can set your dietary supplement or functional formula apart from the rest.

Safety & Efficacy

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The safety and efficacy of Replenwell collagen peptide ingredients are rigorously tested using randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled human clinical trials for benefits including skin health1–6, joint comfort7,8, metabolic balance9,10, and more11.


Healthy Aging


Sports Nutrition