Wellnex Replenwell™ Collagen Leads the Charge in Clinical Nutrition

by | Nov 11, 2021

“The clinical nutrition market could be the next major opportunity for collagen ingredients,” according to this Nutritional Outlook articleNitta Gelatin NA Inc. is leading the charge for collagen peptide innovation in targeted nutritional therapies, recently welcoming registered dietician Sarah Hutcherson, RDN to its North American R&D team.

Collagen-based ingredients are popping up more than ever within the clinical nutrition space. Specifically, collagen peptides are ideal for use in clinical nutrition formulations due their high solubility, palatability, and protein content. Clinicians are taking note of the growing body of evidence supporting collagen peptides’ specialized physiological effects, and have recently begun formulating for very targeted health benefits. The growing interest from the clinical nutrition segment is very much in line with the emerging health priorities within older populations, including dermal integrity, blood sugar balance, and cardiovascular function.

Nitta Gelatin’s Wellnex collagen ingredient portfolio introduced Replenwell™ collagen peptides in 2020. Replenwell™ is our family of highly functional collagen ingredients, created using patented processes and designed with clinical benefits in mind. Safety and efficacy of Replenwell™ collagen peptides are rigorously tested using randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled human clinical trials for benefits including skin health, joint comfort, metabolic balance, and cardiovascular support.