Wellnex Collagen Peptides featured in in Nutraceuticals World Magazine’s “The Beauty of Collagen”

September 2018 – Nitta Gelatin’s Wellnex brand of collagen peptides are clinically proven to improve skin’s tone and texture, leading to a more youthful, rested appearance. Nutraceuticals World Magazine investigates what makes collagen so appealing to the “beauty from within” market in the September, 2108 article The Beauty of Collagen.  “As more consumers recognize the link between proper nutrition and good health, including appearance of hair, skin, and nails, collagen has gained popularity as an ideal beauty and healthy aging ingredient with versatile range for product development.
More than half of consumers worldwide perceive collagen as a beauty-enhancing ingredient, according to data and analytics company GlobalData. The growing popularity of collagen-fortified food/beverages is driven in part by the positive perception of the ingredient among consumers around the world. While animal-sourced collagen in beauty products goes against the current growth trend of plant-based alternatives, widespread use of collagen is likely to continue, the company said.
Knowledge & Need
While consumers in Asia have understood the concept of beauty from within for many years, Americans have been slower to catch on, according to Suhail Ishaq, president, BioCell Technology, LLC. “But now we see the market growing rapidly. At BioCell we have seen an increase in BioCell Collagen inquiries as well as an increased number of new products in the marketplace. Consumers are looking for collagen ingredients that have clinical support, so they know what benefit to expect and when.”
An abundance of research and overall knowledge around collagen are helping drive growth in the U.S., according to Katie Stevenson, business development manager, Nitta Gelatin North America. “Consumers are more knowledgeable about collagen and the benefits related to it—including bone and joint health, beauty from within, and dietary protein supplementation.”
Nutritional needs change over time as part of the natural aging process, she added. “Changes in collagen levels within the body drop dramatically throughout our lifespan, with studies suggesting that overall collagen begins to decline as early as our 20’s. The benefits of adding collagen into our diets has shown great benefit, for both functional health effects, and as a dietary protein source.”
Health-conscious individuals are the primary drivers of growth in collagen products, according to Amanda Orloske, senior director of marketing and international sales, Biova. “Collagen production drops off as we age and although we may have had plenty in our 20’s to keep our joints supple and our skin smooth, as we move into our 40’s and beyond we begin to see the need for supplementation to augment that natural decline…”