Study: Collagen Peptides Improve Skin Hydration

OSAKA, JAPAN – Nitta Gelatin partnered with Dr. Mano of Josai  International University, Japan, to investigate the effects of Wellnex Collagen Peptides key di-peptides, proline-hydroxyproline (PO) and hydroxyproline-glycine (OG), on skin barrier function and altered gene expression profile. Past human and animal clinical studies have shown these di-peptides positive effects on skin.

In this animal clinical trial, researchers monitored two groups of  HR-1 hairless mice for 35 days. The treatment group received oral supplementation of PO (.15%) and OG (.15%), while the control group received no supplementation. The administration of PO and OG significantly decreased transepidermal water loss (TEWL), and significantly increased water content of stratum corneum. A DNA microarray analysis of the dorsal skin revealed differences in gene expression between the group administered PO and OG and the control group.

For more information about this study or to learn more about the effects of PO and OG on skin health and gene expressions, please contact your local Wellnex Collagen provider.