Wellnex Shows Positive Results for Pressure Ulcers in RCT

OSAKA, JAPAN — Nitta Gelatin unveiled a new published study in the Japan Pharmacology & Therapeutics Journal for Wellnex effects on Stage II and III pressure ulcers.

Effect of Wellnex PU Collagen Peptides, which contains high levels of key dipeptides, on healing of pressure ulcer was investigated in a randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind trial. All subjects with Stage II or III pressure ulcer were treated with standard therapy and ingested either Wellnex PU Collagen Peptides  or a placebo in addition to their standard diet.

Wellnex PU intake and placebo intake group were compared. End point was a comparison between groups of levels of Pressure Ulcer Scale for Healing(PUSH)score, Pressure Score Status Tool(PSST) score and decubitus area score 16 weeks after ingestion.

The levels of PUSH score and PSST score in the Wellnex PU group decreased significantly compared to the placebo group(P<0.01). The level of decubitus area score in the Wellnex PU group was also reduced significantly(P<0.05)than the level in the placebo group. Though there was no significant difference in blood albumin level of the subjects between the two groups, an intra-group significant difference in the level was observed in the Wellnex PU group.

This study demonstrated that Wellnex PU Collagen Peptide has a pressure ulcer healing effect when added to the diet with the standard therapy.