Looking for Products featuring Wellnex Replenwell Collagen Peptides?

by | Mar 15, 2023

Ingredient transparency is a big deal for brand owners and consumers alike. So it’s no surprise when our Wellnex team receives interest from US consumers looking for products containing Replenwell collagen peptides. We’re happy to share that our Replenwell ingredients are now part of The Vitamin Shoppe‘s TrueYou dietary supplement lineup in “Go with the Glow” capsules and “Itty Bitty Beautiful” Collagen Concentrate for Skin Care.

Both products contain Wellnex’s clinically proven Replenwell collagen peptide ingredients, shown to significantly reduce the visible signs of skin aging including wrinkles, roughness, dryness, and loss of elasticity. Combined with synergistic ingredients like hyaluronic acid and vitamin C, these supplements harness the trifecta of beauty boosting compounds.

Want to learn more about The Vitamin Shoppe’s TrueYou brand? According to a recent press release, “Every product from TrueYou is Non-GMO, gluten and soy-free, and is free of all artificial colors, preservatives, and magnesium stearate. Ingredient purity and potency is verified by independent, third-party labs and every product meets or exceeds industry quality standards.”

More than that, TrueYou has partnered with Kiva.org, a non-profit crowdfunding platform that expands access to financial services in underserved communities around the world. Kiva’s innovative model allows individuals to provide microloans as small as $25 to small business owners in local communities globally, unlocking capital for promising entrepreneurs. Every TrueYou purchase, both in-store and online, will earn the customer a $25 Kiva credit to invest in the success of a small business owner of their choosing.

Backed by science, powered by people, the Wellnex team is honored to partner with TrueYou. Stay tuned to learn more about future ingredient collaborations you can try for yourself!