The Marriage of Clinical Efficacy & Sustainable Sourcing

by | Sep 28, 2022

“Ingestible beauty supplements” and “skin barrier support” were named as two of the top beauty mega-trends for 2022 by Vogue Business this January. As we prepare to enter the last quarter of the year, it would seem they were spot-on, with a growing number of consumers focusing on the interactions between diet, pollutants, and skin health.

When formulating skin support supplements, product developers can find themselves in a complex balancing act between ingredient price, efficacy, and sustainability. Nitta Gelatin NA Inc.‘s Wellnex collagen peptide ingredients were highlighted in Natural Products Insider‘s recent Skin Product Development Guide for checking all the boxes of today’s beauty supplement consumer.

If your brand is looking for sustainable skin support ingredients backed by gold standard human clinical trials, be sure to check out the full publication and contact us today!