Partner with our North American R&D Center for Turnkey Success in Collagen Product Formulation
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With an in-house Applications Center located in North Carolina, Nitta Gelatin’s Wellnex team is here to assist with all your collagen peptide formulation needs. From bench-top to scale-up, our staff of certified Food Scientists, Technical Experts, and Registered Dieticians are available to answer questions, trouble-shoot processing issues, and optimize collagen peptide-containing formulas.

Wellnex collagen peptide ingredients are highly functional, natural proteins, for use in functional foods and beverages, dietary supplements, and clinical nutrition formulations.

Food & Beverage

A Collagen Ingredient for Every Application

Trending applications include:

Protein and Nutritional Bars


Broths, Soups and Stocks


Instant and RTD Beverages


Cereal and Bakery Items


Concentrated Shots, Jellies and Gels


Confectionary Items

Wellnex collagen peptide ingredients add minimal viscosity, color, flavor, or odor, to final formulations. Exceptional heat and pH stability means that our collagen peptides are more resistant to precipitation in the presence of polysaccharides than many plant or dairy-based proteins. Additionally, their instant cold-water solubility makes them the perfect solution to powdered “ready to mix” beverage applications.

In bar and bakery applications, Wellnex collagen peptides improve pliability, softness and shelf-life, while acting as a binding agent for other ingredients. Collagen peptides may be included as a protein source in high protein formulations, while also contributing to specific health benefits associated with their unique dipeptide and amino acid compositions.


Custom Delivery Options

Popular delivery formats include:

Gummies: Nutraceutical gummies are favorites for kids and adults alike. Wellnex collagen peptides can easily be incorporated at up to 20% in gelatin or pectin-based gummy supplements, with no degradation to finished product texture or shelf-life.

Powders: Blending well with other dietary supplement ingredients in powdered formats, Wellnex collagen peptides are ideal for “ready-to-mix” applications in canisters, flexible packaging, sachets, and single serve stick packs for customer convenience.

Tablets & Capsules: Wellnex collagen peptides can be directly compressible. Our granulated products produce clean edges and a firm, stable tablets. Due to their unique particle size and bulk density, Wellnex collagen peptides are used in filled capsules and run efficiently through capsule equipment.

Liquid Supplements: Wellnex collagen peptides are highly water soluble with a neutral taste and aroma. They can be used effectively in highly concentrated, viscosity-controlled liquid dietary supplements.


Exceeding Safety and Quality Specifications


  • Concentrated, Compact, or Standard-Size RTDs
  • Ready-to-Mix Multiserving Powders
  • Gummies
  • Chews
  • Single-serve Gels
Nitta’s Wellnex R&D team includes full-time Registered Dieticians to assist with the development of medical foods and beverages. Wellnex collagen peptides are recognized as FDA GRAS, over 90% protein, and available in Kosher, Halal and allergen-free versions.